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Thursday, 27th November 2014

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Addiction Issues Articles
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L.A. Author and Addiction Expert Explains Celebrity Addictive Behavior with 6 Steps
Added: 07/29/2007
Type: Summary
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What's behind the flurry of celebrity addictive behavior? Why does it seem that celebs are acting up more than ever? Are Lindsay, Britney and others really to blame - or is it a lack of parental support and a celebrity-addicted public? When they see famous young people abusing alcohol and drugs, parents start to wonder; How does a good little boy or girl turn into a bad substance abuser?

Director Speaks on Substance Abuse Treatment, Addiction Treatment
Added: 05/24/2007
Type: Summary
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Michael Cahlin was recently a guest speaker for the ASMA (American Students Medical Association), where he spoke of substance abuse treatment and addiction treatment to the premed chapter in Franz Hall on the UCLA campus. Cahlin is the academic director of Sober College.

Online Resource Helps Individuals Find Effective Drug Rehab Programs Now Includes Eating Disorders
Added: 04/24/2007
Type: Summary
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While more and more individuals are turning to the web for drug rehab help is leading the way in helping those who need it most. now includes resources for Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities and Eating Disorder rehab and outpatient programs.

Alcoholics Anonymous Celebrates 60 Years of Recovery in Great Britain
Added: 04/04/2007
Type: Summary
[ Not Rated Yet ]

The first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the UK was held in room 202 of the Dorchester Hotel at 8pm on Monday 31st March, 1947 and five people attended.

New Substance Abuse Handbook Reveals Addiction Treatment Solutions and “10 Tell Tale Signs
Added: 02/21/2007
Type: Summary
[ Not Rated Yet ]

Sober College launches a new addiction treatment handbook. The substance abuse guide is “A Toolbox for Parents, Professionals and Concerned Friends” and includes “25 Tell Tale Signs Your Young Adult is Using,” “10 Tell Tale Signs Your Young Adult Has a Drug Problem,” and “Secret Stash: 23 Top Places Where Young Adults Hide Drugs.”

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