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Thursday, 27th November 2014

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Physical Therapy & Massage Articles
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The Rising Popularity Of The Massage Chair
Added: 01/09/2006
Type: Summary
[ Not Rated Yet ]

The Rising Popularity Of The Massage Chair

A New Area of Stroke Rehabilitation – Froomsplint® to Provide Independence for the Victim
Added: 10/31/2005
Type: Summary
[ Not Rated Yet ]

Freedom to perform the most basic personal tasks is often lost for the partially paralyzed stroke victim or those with other neurological disorders. Now available is a splint that restores that independence, prevents clawhand and turns everyday tasks into extended therapy sessions.

From Mice to Men; MRT Demonstrates Nerve Growth, Repair and Return of Function
Added: 08/23/2005
Type: Summary
[ Not Rated Yet ]

Some would say that it takes a lot of “nerve” to announce that nerve growth and repair may very well be on the horizon. Yet, that is exactly what rigorous laboratory experiments with cells and mice, and human clinical case studies -- using MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) -- strongly indicate.

What Athletes Kneed: New Book Offers Program to Reduce ACL Injuries. “Protecting the Athlete’s Knee”
Added: 05/20/2005
Type: Summary
[ Not Rated Yet ]

Brian Schiff and Brian Smith, licensed physical therapists and respected professional strength coaches, have developed a training program to decrease the likelihood of ACL injuries. This book is ideal for any athlete involved in jumping and cutting sports who wants to prevent a serious knee injury and maximize his/her athletic performance.

Bikers Knees Get Powered Boost
Added: 03/28/2005
Type: Summary
[ Not Rated Yet ]

Consultant Rheumatologist Dr. Mike Irani has teamed up with a local businessman to help instil confidence in his patients and all with aid of pedal power.

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